We bridge research teams from Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) to undertake convergence research and we are looking for supervisors from distinct disciplines across the two institutions who will equip our PhD students with cutting-edge convergence research skills by exposing them to novel concepts in cancer biology, engineering, and the physical sciences. 


THE CALL IS LIVE for Imperial and ICR researchers to submit a joint research proposal for studentships starting in October 2023

Call for proposals for PhDs starting in October 2023


Imperial and ICR academics are invited to submit a joint research proposal for studentships starting in October 2023. Each year we fund several highly competitive PhD Studentships, which provides a fixed annual stipend, a research consumables budget and tuition fees at the home rate for a total of four years. We are unable to support the full cost of international fees; however, offers can be made to overseas students should you secure support for the difference in international fees.


What we are looking for?


We are looking for proposals suitable for a four-year PhD project aligning to our strategic thematic area: Therapy Monitoring and Therapy Resistance; our aim is to develop technologies and methodologies to improve the monitoring of therapeutic response in cancer patients.


A key challenge for the clinician is to understand how well a therapy is working and when to change or stop a therapy. There is a need for new approaches to monitor responses to therapy more accurately and more frequently, and with lower impact on patients’ lives (i.e., less invasively and reducing hospital visits). Novel methods are needed to understand treatment resistance including innovative assays to be able to predict response at the point of diagnosis. The goal is to develop low-cost therapy monitoring technologies that will provide a readout of therapeutic response, which can be implemented in a healthcare setting to inform treatment decision making. Applicants should address the mechanisms associated with resistance to chemo, radio, and immunotherapies; how can we design technologies that will predict resistance or reoccurrence.


Proposals must:


  • Address a challenge in cancer, aligned to our thematic area
  • Be novel, high quality and original 
  • Be feasible for a PhD student to complete within four years 
  • Joint investigator led - projects must take on a convergence science approach, which will provide the student with training in multiple disciplines and the integration of novel ideas from the different disciplines. The supervisory team must have expertise spanning cancer biology and engineering or physical sciences. Pure cancer biology proposals or proposals with supervisors from a single institution will not be considered for funding. 

The application and recruitment process


Supervisor Connection Meeting – September 16th, 2022, 10am – 12pm

We are proposing an online meeting to build cross-institutional supervision teams, the aim is to showcase the breath of engineering and physical sciences expertise and the cutting-edge cancer research undertaken at both institutions. Supervisors attending this meeting will be given the opportunity to present two slides on their research to help connect and integrate approaches in the creation of a PhD research proposal.


Application deadline – October 14th, 2022, at midnight

Supervisors develop and submit PhD research proposals aligning to our thematic area.


Application feedback and project advertising – November 2022

The proposals are reviewed by the Training Subcommittee comprising ICR and Imperial academics with convergence science and cancer biology expertise.


Recruitment Event – February 2023

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held in early February at our bespoke recruitment event designed to showcase convergence research and cross-institutional working.


Funding commences – October 2023

Successful candidates will commence their PhD 


Application guidelines, deadlines and further details can found be here:



Convergence Science PhD Supervisor Code of Practice
PhD Application Guidelines 2023
PhD Application Form 2023

Further information

For more information on this opportunity send an email to Dr Garrick Wilson (garrick.wilson@imperial.ac.uk).


Training the next generation of
convergence scientists

Training the next generation of
convergence scientists