As part of the Cancer Research UK Clinical Academic Training Programme, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and Imperial College London are pleased to invite expressions of interest for Clinical Academic Training Fellowships, starting in the 2021/22 academic year.


These prestigious fellowships aim to support the training of future clinical academic leaders in cancer research. They provide exceptional opportunity to expose clinical trainees to world class training in fundamental cell and molecular biology, therapeutics, radiotherapy, surgery and also to convergence science through the Centre at the ICR and Imperial. This will provide clinical academics with the expertise to discover, develop and deliver the next generation of treatments, technologies and methodologies into clinical care.

What is available?

Four highly competitive Cancer Research UK-funded fellowships are available in 2021. Applications are welcomed from ICR-only supervisors, joint teams between ICR and Imperial and Imperial-only supervisors. Applications from Imperial-only supervisors must be in convergence science.  


Fellowships are typically three years in duration and provide the following:

  • A clinical salary
  • PhD registration fees at the UK rate
  • Research running costs

Please read the attached guidance carefully before initiating the process.



Expression of Interest (EOI) requirements

Potential supervisors should submit the following as an EOI:

1) A broad project title/area
2) A short paragraph outlining the project area, in general up 250-300 words is sufficient
3) Details of the supervisory team
4) Any clinical specialties particularly required


EOIs should be submitted by email to


Successful submission

Successful submissions will be advertised via the ICR website

The application and recruitment process


Stage 1

The deadline for expression of interest from supervisors is 14th September 2020


Stage 2

Candidates should contact supervisors with whom they wish to develop a proposal between 20th September to 19th October 2020


Stage 3

The deadline for a full joint application with project proposal is 14th December 2020


Stage 4

Outcome of the full application submission will be provided by 8th January 2021


Stage 5

Panel interviews will be held early February 2021


Stage 6

The expected start date of fellows will be Autumn 2021


Further information

For more information on this opportunity send an email to

Further details and frequently asked questions can be found in the attached guidance document.

Share ideas,
and technology

Share ideas,
and technology