The CRUK Convergence Science Centre is dedicated to cultivating a collaborative research environment, and to achieve this, we host a series of engaging events that foster cooperation across institutions and disciplines. For example, our seminar series, "Converging on Cancer," serves as a platform to showcase the cutting-edge convergence science at both the Institute of Cancer Research and Imperial College. Through these seminars, researchers share their innovative findings, exchange ideas, and inspire interdisciplinary collaborations.


As part of our commitment to nurturing the next generation of researchers, we organize the "Future Leaders" special series, exclusively tailored for our PhD students. This unique initiative provides these promising young minds with opportunities to delve into the forefront of convergence science and envision themselves as future leaders in the field. Additionally, our Convergence thematic workshops are thoughtfully designed to explore the dynamic interfaces between major disciplines. These workshops serve as valuable networking and brainstorming platforms, where experts from diverse fields come together to exchange insights, identify potential synergies, and collaboratively address pressing challenges in cancer research. By curating these research engagement events, the CRUK Convergence Science Centre seeks to stimulate creative thinking, encourage collaboration, and promote the cross-pollination of ideas, ultimately driving advancements in cancer research. Join us in this exciting journey as we build bridges between disciplines and revolutionise the fight against cancer.