This page contains the list of publications which have been supported by the CRUK Convergence Science Centre (incl. non-clinical and clinical studentships programmes) as well as by the previous Imperial and ICR CRUK centres




Development and Evaluation of Machine Learning in Whole-Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Detecting Metastases in Patients With Lung or Colon Cancer: A Diagnostic Test Accuracy Study - Invest Radiol. 2023 Dec 1;58(12):823-831.

Rockall AG, Li X, Johnson N, Lavdas I, Santhakumaran S, Prevost AT, Punwani S, Goh V, Barwick TD, Bharwani N, Sandhu A, Sidhu H, Plumb A, Burn J, Fagan A, Wengert GJ, Koh DM, Reczko K, Dou Q, Warwick J, Liu X, Messiou C, Tunariu N, Boavida P, Soneji N, Johnston EW, Kelly-Morland C, De Paepe KN, Sokhi H, Wallitt K, Lakhani A, Russell J, Salib M, Vinnicombe S, Haq A, Aboagye EO, Taylor S, Glocker B. 


Durable responses to ATR inhibition with ceralasertib in tumors with genomic defects and high inflammation - J Clin Invest. 2023 Nov 7:e175369.

Dillon MT, Guevara J, Mohammed K, Patin EC, Smith SA, Dean E, Jones GN, Willis SE, Petrone M, Silva C, Thway K, Bunce C, Roxanis I, Nenclares P, Wilkins A, McLaughlin M, Jayme-Laiche A, Benafif S, Nintos G, Kwatra V, Grove L, Mansfield DC, Proszek P, Martin P, Moore L, Swales KE, Banerji U, Saunders MP, Spicer J, Forster MD, Harrington KJ. 


Repeatability of quantitative individual lesion and total disease multiparametric whole-body MRI measurements in prostate cancer bone metastases - Br J Radiol. 2023 Nov;96(1151):20230378.

Donners R, Candito A, Blackledge M, Rata M, Messiou C, Koh DM, Tunariu N


Radiomics-based decision support tool assists radiologists in small lung nodule classification and improves lung cancer early diagnosisBr J Cancer. 2023 Nov 6.

Benjamin Hunter, Christos Argyros, Marianna Inglese, Kristofer Linton-Reid, Ilaria Pulzato, Andrew G. Nicholson, Samuel V. Kemp, Pallav L. Shah, Philip L. Molyneaux, Cillian McNamara, Toby Burn, Emily Guilhem, Marcos Mestas Nuñez, Julia Hine, Anika Choraria, Prashanthi Ratnakumar, Susannah Bloch, Simon Jordan, Simon Padley, Carole A. Ridge, Graham Robinson, Hasti Robbie, Joseph Barnett, Mario Silva, Sujal Desai, Richard W. Lee, Eric O. Aboagye & Anand Devaraj


Radium-223 in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: whole-body diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging scanning to assess response JNCI Cancer Spectr. 2023 Oct 31;7(6):pkad077.

Parker C, Tunariu N, Tovey H, Alonzi R, Blackledge MD, Cook GJR, Chua S, Du Y, Hafeez S, Murray I, Padhani AR, Staffurth J, Tree A, Stidwill H, Finch J, Curcean A, Chatfield P, Perry S, Koh DM, Hall E. 


Relative fat fraction of malignant bone lesions from breast cancer, prostate cancer and myeloma are significantly lower than normal bone marrow and shows excellent interobserver agreement. - Br J Radiol. 2023 Oct 31:20230240.

Castagnoli F, Donners R, Tunariu N, Messiou C, Koh DM. 


Targeting myeloid chemotaxis to reverse prostate cancer therapy resistance - Nature. 2023 Oct 16.

Christina Guo, Adam Sharp, Bora Gurel, Mateus Crespo, Ines Figueiredo, Suneil Jain, Ursula Vogl, Jan Rekowski, Mahtab Rouhifard, Lewis Gallagher, Wei Yuan, Suzanne Carreira, Khobe Chandran, Alec Paschalis, Ilaria Colombo, Anastasios Stathis, Claudia Bertan, George Seed, Jane Goodall, Florence Raynaud, Ruth Ruddle, Karen E. Swales, Jason Malia, Denisa Bogdan, Crescens Tiu, Reece Caldwell, Caterina Aversa, Ana Ferreira, Antje Neeb, Nina Tunariu, Daniel Westaby, Juliet Carmichael, Maria de los Dolores Fenor de la Maza, Christina Yap, Ruth Matthews, Hannah Badham, Toby Prout, Alison Turner, Mona Parmar, Holly Tovey, Ruth Riisnaes, Penny Flohr, Jesus Gil, David Waugh, Shaun Decordova, Anna Schlag, Bianca Calì, Andrea Alimonti & Johann S. de Bono


Ravindhi Murphy, Gurvin Chander, Maria Martinez, Caroline Ward, Sairah R. Khan, Mitesh Naik, Tara Barwick, Eric Aboagye, Rohini Sharma


The Biomarker Toolkit — an evidence-based guideline to predict cancer biomarker success and guide developmentBMC Med. 2023 Oct 4;21(1):383. 

Katerina-Vanessa Savva, Michal Kawka, Bhamini Vadhwana, Rahul Penumaka, Imogen Patton, Komal Khan, Claire Perrott, Saranya Das, Maxime Giot, Stella Mavroveli, George B Hanna, Melody Zhifang Ni, Christopher J Peters


Olaparib and celarasertib (AZD6738) in patients with triple negative advanced breast cancer: results from Cohort E of the plasmaMATCH trial (CRUK/15/010) - Clin Cancer Res. 2023 Sep 29.

Ring A, Kilburn LS, Pearson A, Moretti L, Afshari-Mehr A, Wardley AM, Gurel B, Macpherson IR, Riisnaes R, Baird RD, Martin S, Roylance R, Johnson H, Ferreira A, Winter MC, Dunne K, Copson E, Hickish T, Burcombe R, Randle K, Serra V, Llop-Guevara A, Bliss JM, Turner NC.


The catalytic subunit of DNA-PK regulates transcription and splicing of AR in advanced prostate cancer - J Clin Invest. 2023 Sep 26:e169200.

Adamson B, Brittain N, Walker L, Duncan R, Luzzi S, Rescigno P, Smith GR, McGill S, Burchmore RJ, Willmore E, Hickson I, Robson CN, Bogdan D, Jimenez-Vacas JM, Paschalis A, Welti J, Yuan W, McCracken SR, Heer R, Sharp A, de Bono J, Gaughan L. 


Phase 1/2A trial of idroxioleic acid: first-in-class sphingolipid regulator and glioma cell autophagy inducer with antitumor activity in refractory glioma - Br J Cancer. 2023 Sep;129(5):811-818.

Lopez J, Lai-Kwon J, Molife R, Welsh L, Tunariu N, Roda D, Fernández-García P, Lladó V, McNicholl AG, Rosselló CA, Taylor RJ, Azaro A, Rodón J, Sludden J, Veal GJ, Plummer R, Urruticoechea A, Lahuerta A, Mujika K, Escribá PV. A.


SF3B1 hotspot mutations confer sensitivity to PARP inhibition by eliciting a defective replication stress responseNat Genet. 2023 Aug;55(8):1311-1323.

Philip Bland, Harry Saville, Patty T. Wai, Lucinda Curnow, Gareth Muirhead, Jadwiga Nieminuszczy, Nivedita Ravindran, Marie Beatrix John, Somaieh Hedayat, Holly E. Barker, James Wright, Lu Yu, Ioanna Mavrommati, Abigail Read, Barrie Peck, Mark Allen, Patrycja Gazinska, Helen N. Pemberton, Aditi Gulati, Sarah Nash, Farzana Noor, Naomi Guppy, Ioannis Roxanis, Guy Pratt, …Rachael Natrajan


Development and Validation of a New BAG-1L-Specific Antibody to Quantify BAG-1L Protein Expression in Advanced Prostate Cancer - Lab Invest. 2023 Aug 29;103(11):100245.

Neeb A, Figueiredo I, Gurel B, Nava Rodrigues D, Rekowski J, Riisnaes R, Ferreira A, Miranda S, Crespo M, Westaby D, de Los Dolores Fenor de La Maza M, Guo C, Carmichael J, Grochot R, Tunariu N, Cato ACB, Plymate SR, de Bono JS, Sharp A. 


The value of baseline 18F-sodium fluoride and 18F-choline PET activity for identifying responders to radium-223 treatment in castration-resistant prostate cancer bone metastases - Eur Radiol. 2023 Aug 24.

Donners R, Tunariu N, Tovey H, Hall E, Chua S, Cook G, Du Y, Blackledge MD, Parker CC, Koh DM. 


The Akt/mTOR and MNK/eIF4E pathways rewire the prostate cancer translatome to secrete HGF, SPP1 and BGN and recruit suppressive myeloid cells - Nat Cancer. 2023 Aug;4(8):1102-1121.

Brina D, Ponzoni A, Troiani M, Calì B, Pasquini E, Attanasio G, Mosole S, Mirenda M, D'Ambrosio M, Colucci M, Guccini I, Revandkar A, Alajati A, Tebaldi T, Donzel D, Lauria F, Parhizgari N, Valdata A, Maddalena M, Calcinotto A, Bolis M, Rinaldi A, Barry S, Rüschoff JH, Sabbadin M, Sumanasuriya S, Crespo M, Sharp A, Yuan W, Grinu M, Boyle A, Miller C, Trotman L, Delaleu N, Fassan M, Moch H, Viero G, de Bono J, Alimonti A. 


openFrame: A modular, sustainable, open microscopy platform with single-shot, dual-axis optical autofocus module providing high precision and long range of operationJ Microsc. 2023 Aug 24.

Jonathan Lightley, Sunil Kumar, M Q Lim, E Garcia, F Görlitz, Y Alexandrov, T Parrado, C Hollick, E Steele, K Roßmann, J Graham, J Broichhagen, I A McNeish, C A Roufosse, M A A Neil, Chris Dunsby, P M W French


Accelerating 4D image reconstruction magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapyPhys Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2023 Aug 23.

Bastien Lecoeur, Marco Barbone, Jessica Gough, Uwe Oelfke, Wayne Luk, Georgi Gaydadjiev, Andreas Wetscherek


Participatory evaluation of the process of co-producing resources for the public on data science and artificial intelligenceRes Involv Engagem. 2023 Aug 14;9(1):67.

Piotr Teodorowski, Kelly Gleason, Jonathan J. Gregory, Martha Martin, Reshma Punjabi, Suzanne Steer, Serdar Savasir, Pournamy Vema, Kabelo Murray, Helen Ward & Dorota Chapko 


The clinical terrain of immunotherapies in heterogeneous pancreatic cancer: unravelling challenges and opportunitiesJ Pathol. 2023 Aug 7.

Melanie Herpels, Jun Ishihara, Anguraj Sadanandam


Handheld ISFET Lab-on-Chip detection of TMPRSS2-ERG and AR mRNA for prostate cancer prognosticsIEEE Sens Lett. 2023 Aug;7(8):1-4. 

Joseph Broomfield, Melpomeni Kalofonou, Sylvia Franklin, Sue M Powell, Thomas Pataillot-Meakin, Nicolas Moser, Charlotte L Bevan, Pantelis Georgiou


Metabolic profiling stratifies colorectal cancer and reveals adenosylhomocysteinase as a therapeutic target - Nat Metab. 2023 Aug;5(8):1303-1318. 

Johan Vande Voorde, Rory T. Steven, Arafath K. Najumudeen, Catriona A. Ford, Alex Dexter, Ariadna Gonzalez-Fernandez, Chelsea J. Nikula, Yuchen Xiang, Lauren Ford, Stefania Maneta Stavrakaki, Kathryn Gilroy, Lucas B. Zeiger, Kathryn Pennel, Phimmada Hatthakarnkul, Efstathios A. Elia, Ammar Nasif, Teresa Murta, Eftychios Manoli, Sam Mason, Michael Gillespie, Tamsin R. M. Lannagan, Nikola Vlahov, Rachel A. Ridgway, Colin Nixon, Alexander Raven, Megan Mills, Dimitris Athineos, Georgios Kanellos, Craig Nourse, David M. Gay, Mark Hughes, Amy Burton, Bin Yan, Katherine Sellers, Vincen Wu, Kobe De Ridder, Engy Shokry, Alejandro Huerta Uribe, William Clark, Graeme Clark, Kristina Kirschner, Bernard Thienpont, Vivian S. W. Li, Oliver D. K. Maddocks, Simon T. Barry, Richard J. A. Goodwin, James Kinross, Joanne Edwards, Mariia O. Yuneva, David Sumpton, Zoltan Takats, Andrew D. Campbell, Josephine Bunch & Owen J. Sansom


Role of procalcitonin in predicting complications of Kawasaki diseaseArch Dis Child. 2023 Jul 31;archdischild-2023-325787.

Kazuki Iio, Heather Hanna, Melina Beykou, Chris Gale, Jethro Adam Herberg


Classification of nucleic acid amplification on ISFET arrays using spectrogram-based neural networks - Comput Biol Med. 2023 Jul;161:107027. 

Prateek Tripathi, Costanza Gulli, Joseph Broomfield, George Alexandrou, Melpomeni Kalofonou, Charlotte Bevan, Nicolas Moser, Pantelis Georgiou


Unbiased differential proteomic profiling between cancer-associated fibroblasts and cancer cell linesJ Proteomics. 2023 Jul 20;104973. 

Rachel Lau, Lu Yu, Theodoros I Roumeliotis, Adam Stewart, Lisa Pickard, Ruth Riisanes, Bora Gurel, Johann S de Bono, Jyoti S Choudhary, Udai Banerji


Proteome-wide structural analysis identifies warhead- and coverage-specific biases in cysteine-focused chemoproteomicsCell Chem Biol. 2023 Jul 20;30(7):828-838.e4.

Matthew E.H. White, Jesus Gil, Edward W. Tate


Clinical trial designs for evaluating and exploiting cancer evolution - Cancer Treat Rev. 2023 Jul;118:102583.

Alvaro H Ingles Garces, Nuria Porta, Trevor A Graham, Udai Banerji


The potential role of the microbiota in prostate cancer pathogenesis and treatment. -  Nat Rev Urol. 2023 Jul 25.

Pernigoni N, Guo C, Gallagher L, Yuan W, Colucci M, Troiani M, Liu L, Maraccani L, Guccini I, Migliorini D, de Bono J, Alimonti A. 


Critical role of antioxidant programs in enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer - Oncogene. 2023 Jul;42(30):2347-2359.

Blatt EB, Parra K, Neeb A, Buroni L, Bogdan D, Yuan W, Gao Y, Gilbreath C, Paschalis A, Carreira S, DeBerardinis RJ, Mani RS, de Bono JS, Raj GV.


A Phase 1/2 trial of SRA737 (a Chk1 inhibitor) administered orally in patients with advanced cancer - Br J Cancer. 2023 Jul;129(1):38-45.

Rebecca Kristeleit, Ruth Plummer, Robert Jones, Louise Carter, Sarah Blagden, Debashis Sarker, Tobias Arkenau, Thomas R Jeffry Evans, Sarah Danson, Stefan N Symeonides, Gareth J Veal, Barbara J Klencke, Mark M Kowalski, Udai Banerji


Circulating Tumor Cell Cluster Sorting by Size and Asymmetry - Methods Mol Biol. 2023;2679:15-23.

Sam H Au


Dynamics and Molecular Interactions of GPI-Anchored CD59Toxins 2023, 15(7), 430.

Tomas B. Voisin, Emma C. Couves, Edward W. Tate and Doryen Bubeck


Cancer Loyalty Card Study (CLOCS): feasibility outcomes for an observational case-control study focusing on the patient interval in ovarian cancer - BMJ Open. 2023 Jun 14;13(6):e066022.

Hannah R Brewer, Marc Chadeau-Hyam, Eric Johnson, Sudha Sundar, James Flanagan, Yasemin Hirst


Immuno-PET Imaging of Tumour PD-L1 Expression in GlioblastomaCancers (Basel). 2023 Jun 9;15(12):3131. 

Gitanjali Sharma, Marta C Braga, Chiara Da Pieve, Wojciech Szopa, Tatjana Starzetz, Karl H Plate, Wojciech Kaspera, Gabriela Kramer-Marek


Non-contrast CT synthesis using patch-based cycle-consistent generative adversarial network (Cycle-GAN) for radiomics and deep learning in the era of COVID-19Sci Rep. 2023 Jun 29;13(1):10568. 

Reza Kalantar, Sumeet Hindocha, Benjamin Hunter, Bhupinder Sharma, Nasir Khan, Dow-Mu Koh, Merina Ahmed, Eric O. Aboagye, Richard W. Lee & Matthew D. Blackledge


The CDK7 inhibitor CT7001 (Samuraciclib) targets proliferation pathways to inhibit advanced prostate cancer - Br J Cancer. 2023 Jun;128(12):2326-2337.

Theodora A. Constantin, Anabel Varela-Carver, Kyle K. Greenland, Gilberto Serrano de Almeida, Ellen Olden, Lucy Penfold, Simon Ang, Alice Ormrod, Damien A. Leach, Chun-Fui Lai, Edward K. Ainscow, Ash K. Bahl, David Carling, Matthew J. Fuchter, Simak Ali & Charlotte L. Bevan


Is tumour volume an independent predictor of outcome after radical prostatectomy for high-risk prostate cancer?Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis. 2023 Jun;26(2):282-286.

Nicholas Raison, Pol Servian, Amit Patel, Ainkaran Santhirasekaram, Andrew Smith, Maidie Yeung, Josephine Lloyd, Ethna Mannion, Andrea Rockall, Hashim Ahmed & Mathias Winkler


Seasonal purchase of antihistamines and ovarian cancer risk in the Cancer Loyalty Card Study (CLOCS): results from an observational case-control study - MedRxiv

Hannah R. Brewer, Qianhui Jiang, Sudha Sundar, Yasemin Hirst, James M. Flanagan


Distributed large-scale graph processing on FPGAsJ Big Data. 2023;10(1):95.

Amin Sahebi, Marco Barbone, Marco Procaccini, Wayne Luk, Georgi Gaydadjiev, Roberto Giorgi


Advanced MR Techniques for Preoperative Glioma Characterization: Part 1 & Part 2 - J Magn Reson Imaging. 2023 Jun;57(6):1676-1695

[...], Simran Kukran, [...]


Capillary-Scale Hydrogel Microchannel Networks by Wire Templating - Small 2023 Jun 2;e2301163.

Shusei Kawara, Brian Cunningham, James Bezer, Neelima Kc, Jingwen Zhu, Meng-Xing Tang, Jun Ishihara, James J Choi, Sam H Au


A YOLOv5-based network for the detection of a diffuse reflectance spectroscopy probe to aid surgical guidance in gastrointestinal cancer surgery - Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2023 Jun 8.

Ioannis Gkouzionis, Yican Zhong, Scarlet Nazarian, Ara Darzi, Nisha Patel, Christopher J Peters, Daniel S Elson


Triaxial accelerometer-measured physical activity and functional behaviours among people with High Grade Glioma: The BrainWear Study - PLoS One. 2023 May 24;18(5):e0285399.

Seema Dadhania, Lillie Pakzad-Shahabi, Sanjay Mistry, Matt Williams


Imaging in metastatic breast cancer, CT, PET/CT, MRI, WB-DWI, CCA: review and new perspectives - Cancer Imaging. 2023 May 31;23(1):53.

Lother D, Robert M, Elwood E, Smith S, Tunariu N, Johnston SRD, Parton M, Bhaludin B, Millard T, Downey K, Sharma B. 


Active mesh and neural network pipeline for cell aggregate segmentationBiophys J. 2023 May 2;122(9):1586-1599.

Matthew B Smith, Hugh Sparks, Jorge Almagro, Agathe Chaigne, Axel Behrens, Chris Dunsby, Guillaume Salbreux 


Pathobionts in the tumour microbiota predict survival following resection for colorectal cancerMicrobiome. 2023 May 8;11(1):100.

James L. Alexander, Joram M. Posma, Alasdair Scott, Liam Poynter, Sam E. Mason, M. Luisa Doria, Lili Herendi, Lauren Roberts, Julie A. K. McDonald, Simon Cameron, David J. Hughes, Vaclav Liska, Simona Susova, Pavel Soucek, Verena Horneffer-van der Sluis, Maria Gomez-Romero, Matthew R. Lewis, Lesley Hoyles, Andrew Woolston, David Cunningham, Ara Darzi, Marco Gerlinger, Robert Goldin, Zoltan Takats, Julian R. Marchesi, Julian Teare & James Kinross


Asymmetric Dimethylation of Ribosomal S6 Kinase 2 Regulates Its Cellular Localisation and Pro-Survival FunctionInt J Mol Sci. 2023 May 15;24(10):8806.

Mahmoud I Khalil, Heba M Ismail, Ganna Panasyuk, Anna Bdzhola, Valeriy Filonenko, Ivan Gout, Olivier E Pardo


Enhanced Sestrin expression through Tanshinone 2A treatment improves PI3K-dependent inhibition of glioma growth - Cell Death Discov. 2023 May 19;9(1):172.

Judith Schaf, Sonia Shinhmar, Qingyu Zeng, Olivier E. Pardo, Philip Beesley, Nelofer Syed & Robin S. B. Williams


REFINE-Lung implements a novel multi-arm randomised trial design to address possible immunotherapy overtreatmentLancet Oncol. 2023 May;24(5):e219-e227.

Ehsan Ghorani, Matteo Quartagno, Fiona Blackhall, Duncan C Gilbert, Mary O'Brien, Christian Ottensmeier, Elena Pizzo, James Spicer, Alex Williams, Philip Badman, Mahesh K B Parmar, Michael J Seckl; REFINE-Lung Investigators


Germline ATM Mutations Detected by Somatic DNA Sequencing in Lethal Prostate Cancer Eur Urol Open Sci. 2023 May 2;52:72-78. doi: 10.1016/j.euros.2023.04.003. 

Rafael Grochot, Suzanne Carreira, Susana Miranda, Ines Figueiredo, Claudia Bertan, Jan Rekowski, Wei Yuan, Ana Ferreira, Ruth Riisnaes, Antje Neeb, Bora Gurel, Maria de Los Dolores Fenor de la Maza, Christina Guo, Juliet Carmichael, Daniel Westaby, Joaquin Mateo, Adam Sharp, Terri P McVeigh, Johann De Bono


A palmitoyl transferase chemical genetic system to map ZDHHC-specific S-acylation - BioRxiv 2023.04.18.537386.

Cory A. Ocasio, Marc P. Baggelaar, James Sipthorp, Ana Losada de la Lastra, Jana Volarić, Christelle Soudy, Elisabeth M. Storck, Susana A. Palma-Duran, James I. MacRae, Goran Tomic, Lotte Carr, Julian Downward, Ulrike S. Eggert,  Edward W. Tate


A Transgender Patient with Prostate Cancer: Lessons Learnt - Eur Urol. 2023 Apr;83(4):379-380. 

Khobe Chandran, Rafael Grochot, Maria de Los Dolores Fenor De La Maza, Wei YuanBora Gurel, Susana Miranda, Alec Paschalis, Ruth Riisnaes, Ines Figueiredo, Denisa Bogdan, Adam Sharp, Suzanne Carreira, Johann S de Bono


Antibodies against endogenous retroviruses promote lung cancer immunotherapy - Nature. 2023 Apr;616(7957):563-573.

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Mathew Vithayathil, Antonio D’Alessio, Claudia Angela Maria Fulgenzi, Naoshi Nishida, Martin Schönlein, Johann von Felden, Kornelius Schulze, Henning Wege, Anwaar Saeed, Brooke Wietharn, Hannah Hildebrand, Linda Wu, Celina Ang, Thomas U. Marron, Arndt Weinmann, Peter R. Galle, Dominik Bettinger, Bertram Bengsch, Arndt Vogel, Lorenz Balcar, Bernhard Scheiner, Pei-Chang Lee, Yi-Hsiang Huang, Suneetha Amara, Mahvish Muzaffar, Abdul Rafeh Naqash, Antonella Cammarota, Valentina Zanuso, Tiziana Pressiani, Matthias Pinter, Alessio Cortellini, Masatoshi Kudo, Lorenza Rimassa, David J. Pinato & Rohini Sharma


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Acceleration-Based Kalman Tracking for Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging in vivo - Arxiv

Biao Huang, Jipeng Yan, Megan Morris, Victoria Sinnett, Navita SomaiahMeng-Xing Tang


What is so Special About Digital Health in Cancer? - Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol). 2023 Mar;35(3):147-149.

S DadhaniaM Williams


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