Convergence Science PhD - 2021 cohort of students recruited

Mar 8, 2021, 14:47 PM by User Not Found

Training the next generation of convergence scientists who will develop and accelerate new tools and methodologies into clinical practice to benefit cancer patients is at the heart of the Centre's Convergence Science PhD Programme. Our students are recruited annually through a tailored Recruitment Day, designed specifically to showcase the opportunities in convergence science research and the world leading training environments at Imperial College London and the Institute of Cancer Research. The 2021 Recruitment Day was delivered virtually on February 3rd, and we are pleased to have appointed our fourth cohort of Convergence Science PhD students due to start in October 2021.



Students have been recruited to the following projects which are jointly supervised by ICR and Imperial academics.


  1. Accelerating volumetric MR Imaging for Real-Time Adaptive Radiotherapy – by Andreas Wetscherek, Wayne Luk and Uwe Oelfke
  2. Spatial and temporal high resolution quantitative live imaging techniques to determine mechanisms of chromosomal instability and drug resistance in breast cancer patient-derived organoids – Andrew Tutt and Jorge Bernardino de la Serna
  3. RNA barcodes for high-dimensional functionalization of cancer heterogeneity – by Zoltan Takats and Marco Bezzi
  4. Engineering next generation laminin targeted cancer immunotherapy – by Jun Ishihara and Paul Huang


All projects span convergence science research, and align to the research priorities of the Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre. The recruited students will share their time working across both institutions and multiple disciplines.


Find out more about training opportunities at the Convergence Science Centre.