Cancer Organoid Models – Call for Expressions of Interest (deadline 15th January 2021)

Dec 14, 2020, 15:38 PM by User Not Found

Expressions of Interest are invited from researchers at Imperial College London and the Institute of Cancer Research for the development of new cancer organoid models and technologies. Project proposals of up to £100k available.



Proliferating cells in a tumour organoid of triple negative breast-cancer


Following consultation with cancer researchers and our recent online organoid engagement event, the Convergence Science Centre is pleased to announce the availability of funding for the development of new cancer organoid models and technologies. As part of the Centre's Multidisciplinary Discovery Research theme, we are seeking Expressions of Interest from teams or individuals with knowledge or expertise that may be relevant to problems in cancer organoid models.


Once identified, groups of researchers from Imperial and the Institute of Cancer Research will then be invited to prepare project proposals of up to £100k to address research questions within the following areas: 

  1. Improving derivation rates for patient-derived cancer organoid models 
  2. Cancer organoid co-culture and tumour microenvironment (TME) model systems 
  3. Modelling the systemic interactions between a tumour and the rest of the body 


Across these three areas we believe there is significant opportunity for engineers and physical scientists to work with cancer researchers to develop novel solutions that could transform our understanding of tumour behaviour and how we develop new cancer therapies. It is intended that this funding should allow the generation of preliminary data to support external applications for substantial follow-on funding. 


An application form and full guidance on the available funding, scope and project selection process can be found here:  Expression of interest call guidance and form


Expressions of Interest must be submitted to by 5pm on the 15th January 2021.


To assist in the setting up of collaborations, we have set up a sharepoint site associated with the call. This contains slides from the engagement event talks, contact details for attendees (plus other researchers with organoid relevant interests) and a selection of recent cancer organoid papers. Imperial researchers should be able to log in directly using their Imperial credentials. ICR researchers will need to get in touch with the office to request to be added to the sharepoint site membership.