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“Converging on Cancer”- Dr Rebekah Moore & Mr Masood Moghul

2 Nov 2023, 15:00 PM

We invite you to join us online on Thursday, November 2nd, from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, for a presentation by


Dr Rebekah Moore - Department of Earth Science & Engineering, Imperial College London


"Unravelling the role of zinc in disease progression via analyses of concentrations and stable isotope compositions"

Zinc is an essential metal that has roles in most bodily systems as a structural or functional component of thousands of proteins and hundreds of enzymes. Zinc has also been associated with multiple hallmarks of cancer, but due to its many physiological functions, it is still unclear what its dominant roles in different disease progressions are. In this talk, I will describe how combining two different ICP-MS techniques, both of which were pioneered and developed by geochemists, can be used to obtain unique insights into metal (dys)homeostasis and in particular how they may be used as prognostic biomarkers.  

Rebekah has an MSci in Geosciences from Durham University (2013) and has since used geochemical techniques to resolve how essential and non-essential metals are processed by biological systems (including humans and soil-plant systems). She is currently a research fellow at the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, working on projects on trace metals in breast cancer, and accumulator and hyperaccumulator plants, collaborating with geneticists, plant scientists, clinicians and analytical chemists.




Mr Masood Moghul - Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, Institute of Cancer Research London and The Royal Marsden Hospital Trust


"The Man Van Project"


Early intervention is potentially lifesaving in prostate cancer. The debate for screening continues with recent developments suggesting the arguments in favour are becoming stronger, however, barriers to access remain. NHS England has commissioned The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (working with the Institute of Cancer Research) to run a highly novel community-based clinical outreach service called ‘Man Van’ with the aim of targeting of high-risk groups on a mobile unit. The project also combines novel avenues of research to groups that would traditionally be under-represented in clinical trials.


Mr Masood Moghul is a post-CCT Clinical Research Fellow in Urology at the Royal Marsden Hospital and studying for a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research, supervised by Professor Nick James. His these will involve the implementation and innovation behind the Man Van project.