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IRCI webinar on Rare Tumour PDX Models

13 Jun 2023, 21:00 PM

Presented by Dr James Doroshow, NCI

The NCI has developed a patient-derived models’ repository over the past 7 years that now houses over 800 patient-derived xenografts representing a very wide range of solid tumor malignancies.  All the models have undergone substantial molecular characterization and have been used for therapeutic studies.  A significant part of this effort has been the development of many (>100) rare tumor models, including many sarcomas.  Beginning over 3 years ago, the NCI began a systematic evaluation of over 50 novel drug combinations that had never been tested in a clinical trial in 39 of these models; this effort has included the deconvolution of effective combinations into their individual drug components to clarify the specific role of each agent and the combination in the responses observed.  Many of the combinations have demonstrated unexpected benefit in vivo that could not have been hypothesized from our current understanding of their mechanism(s) of action.  The most effective combinations have subsequently been advanced to clinical trials for patients with rare cancer histology’s at the NIH Clinical Center using a novel cohort design.    


The webinar will take place Tuesday 13th June 2023 starting at 9:00pm and finishing at 10:00pm (GMT/UK time) 


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