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24 Feb 2023, 14:00 PM

Hamlyn Centre, 4th Floor, Bessemer Building Imperial College London South Kensington Campus

We invite you to join us for a demo of the CRUK funded MAMMOBOT project. Many women suffer from nipple discharge. Most nipple discharge is benign but in certain cases nipple discharge can be an early warning sign of breast
cancer. Presently, many women will need to undergo surgery to remove the leaky duct to confirm whether or not they have breast cancer. MAMMOBOT is a flexible growing robot that can navigate the mammary ductal tree. MAMMOBOT enables advanced imaging techniques such as optical biopsy that can diagnose cellular abnormalities in the ductal channel with high levels of accuracy. Our vision is that women with nipple discharge may one day avoid surgery and undergo evaluation of their ductal tree with MAMMOBOT instead.

For more information please contact Kelly Gleason mob 07837 167298