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MACH3Cancer Accelerator dOPM event

20 Feb 2023, 16:00 PM

On Monday 20th February at 4pm we will be holding a seminar in the ICR Auditorium to launch the dOPM high throughput light-sheet fluorescence microscope followed by a lab tour.

CRUK and AECC have funded the MACH3Cancer Accelerator project between the Crick Imperial College London, the ICR, CRUK Edinburgh and the IRB in Barcelona. A key goal of this project is to implement new 3D HCA instrumentation based on dOPM light-sheet fluorescence microscopy, with the first dOPM instrument being established in the Imperial College Photonics Satellite Lab at the Crick and subsequent dOPM systems being implemented in Edinburgh. Barcelona and at the ICR.

dOPM ICR launch

The dOPM system was developed by the Dunsby lab at Imperial and enables light-sheet microscopy on a conventional inverted microscope frame that can be used to image conventionally mounted specimens on microscope slides, in glass-bottomed 35 mm tissue culture dishes and multi-well plates. dOPM can be used for high-speed volumetric imaging (up to 25 volumes per second) or for time-lapse imaging arrays of fixed or live specimens in multi-well plates, e.g. for spheroids, organoids or tissue-slice preparations.


This launch event will introduce the MACH3Cancer Accelerator project and dOPM and provide an opportunity to see the instrument in the laboratory and to meet the postdoctoral researchers working on and with the system. We would like to use this event to learn about your requirements for automated rapid 3D imaging at the ICR and to explore opportunities for collaboration.



  • 10 minute introduction to the Accelerator project: Paul French
  • 20 minutes of the OPM from Chris Dunsby and OPM team
  • 20 minutes talk from Chris Bakal
  • Lab tours from 5pm

We will also be hosting a social/networking event in the canteen on Level 6 for those who would like to ask more questions following the seminar.


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