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Biomarker Toolkit and the Cancer Tools Team

2 Feb 2023, 15:00 PM

Please join us online on Thursday 2nd February, from 15.00-16.00

In this series of webinars brought to you by the Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre at Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research, London, researchers across the two organisations will discuss key challenges facing cancer research and opportunities for new convergence science approaches to address these. Join us to consider how novel approaches and technologies could shed light on unresolved problems in cancer biology, to innovate new ways to address challenges in cancer and bring pioneering treatments to cancer patients faster.


Hosted by our Scientific Director, Prof Axel Behrens, the series aims to support the Centre's mission to facilitate collaboration between traditionally separate and distinct disciplines.


Please join us online on Thursday 2nd February, from 15.00-16.00, for a talk from:


Mr Christopher Peters – Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London


“The Biomarker Toolkit- a novel tool to assess Biomarkers for their potential and improve the chances of translation”


If 99% of Biomarkers fail, is it time to give up or rethink our strategies? Millions are spent on Biomarker research in Academia and Industry but only a tiny fraction, less than 2%, achieve clinical adoption with the rest stalling or failing. This talk will consider where we are failing in Biomarker research and how Academia and Industry can work together to discover, validate and implement the Biomarkers we need to improve patient care. We will then present the Biomarker Toolkit- a new tool to assess Biomarkers for their potential and then, more importantly, guide their further development.


Christopher Peters went to medical school in Leeds and after completing basic surgical training moved to Cambridge to carry out a PhD with Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald. During his PhD he developed a four gene signature to predict outcome in oesophageal adenocarcinoma and jointly set up the OCCAMS collaboration which went on to be selected to run the International Cancer Genome Consortium's Whole Genome sequencing project in oesophageal adenocarcinoma. After moving to London to complete his higher surgical training he was appointed as a Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Upper GI surgeon at Imperial College London with a specialist interest in Biomarkers and understanding how new technologies are adopted into health care systems.






The Cancer Tools team –


“Science-led non-profit home of research tools to accelerate cancer research discoveries worldwide.” is a non-profit, global community of cancer researchers, academic institutes, and societies, with a shared mission, to accelerate cancer research. In this collaborative, researchers contribute research tools and share knowledge to deepen our understanding of cancer, and drive innovation within cancer research. Since the founding body of Cancer Research UK - Imperial Cancer Research Fund - was established in the 20th century, the overarching objective to enhance understanding of cancer has prevailed. This has provided a platform to bring cancer discoveries from the laboratory to the forefront of oncology. One of the key elements in this direction was the formation of a research tools community within Cancer Research UK –   



Please note: This webinar is exclusively available to colleagues from the Institute of Cancer Research, the Royal Marsden, Imperial and Imperial College Healthcare. Do not forward to colleagues outside of these organisations.