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CRUK Convergence Science Centre 2022 Symposium

7 Dec 2022, 00:15 AM

Wednesday 7 December, Sentosa Suite, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, SW7 4LH

The CRUK Convergence Science Centre is delighted to host this symposium to showcase how convergence science can empower innovations in cancer research. Over the last five years, the Centre has championed the merging of engineering, physical sciences, life sciences and medicine to develop novel ways to address challenges in cancer research. With our renewed support from Cancer Research UK, we look forward to exploring new opportunities to advance our understanding of cancer and progress innovations to defeat it.


This event will be an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), the Royal Marsden, Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. We will also consider how we can further engage with our local research community, research funding bodies and other major initiatives such as the NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (BRC) and Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres to accelerate the translation of research for patient benefit.


Confirmed speakers:


Convergence at the ICR and Imperial:

  • Axel Behrens (Scientific Director, CRUK Convergence Science Centre)
  • Kristian Helin (CEO, The Institute of Cancer Research)
  • George Hanna (Head of Dept. Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London)
  • David Cunningham (Director, NIHR Royal Marsden BRC)
  • Iain McNeish (Cancer Theme Lead, NIHR Imperial BRC)
  • Johann de Bono (Director of the Drug Development Unit, The Institute of Cancer Research & The Royal Marsden Hospital)
  • Stamatia Giannarou (Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London)
  • Navita Somaiah (The Institute of Cancer Research & The Royal Marsden Hospital)
  • Sam Au (Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London)

Future Leaders:

  • Garrick Wilson (Training Manager, Convergence Science Centre)
  • Dani Chattenton (Convergence Science Centre PhD Student)
  • Simran Kukran (Convergence Science Centre PhD Student)
  • Mi Lim (Convergence Science Centre PhD Student)

Keynote Address:

Michelle Mitchell (CEO, Cancer Research UK)

Michelle Mitchell (@Michelle_CRUK) / Twitter