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Converging on cancer seminar series – engineering, physical sciences and multidisciplinary approaches to advance cancer research (Mengxing Tang)

15 Apr 2021, 16:00 PM

Please join us for a live webinar on the 15th April 16.00–17.00 (GMT) at which the Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre is pleased to host Professor Mengxing Tang.

Professor Mengxing Tang – Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London 


Ultrasound localisation microscopy of microvascular flow in vivo using microbubbles


In this talk Professor Tang will introduce how we can increase in vivo image resolution of microvascular flow by an order of magnitude, and some initial applications related to cancer. Mengxing Tang is a Professor of Biomedical Imaging in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London. He leads a team of engineers and physical scientists interested in developing and translating technologies that enable high resolution functional imaging in vivo using ultrasound.  



In this series of webinars brought to you by the Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre at Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research, London, researchers across the two organisations will discuss key challenges facing cancer research and opportunities for new convergence science approaches to address these. Join us to consider how novel approaches and technologies could shed light on unresolved problems in cancer biology, to innovate new ways to address challenges in cancer and bring pioneering treatments to cancer patients faster.


Hosted by the Convergence Science Centre's Scientific Director Professor Axel Behrens, the series aims to support the Centre's mission to facilitate collaboration between traditionally separate and distinct disciplines






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Please note: This webinar is exclusively available only to colleagues across the Institute of Cancer Research, Imperial College London, the Royal Marsden Hospital and Imperial College Healthcare.