Non-clinical PhD students






Simran Kukran

Project title - Development of MRI brain tumour fingerprinting for clinical assessment of brain tumour biology







Gitanjali Sharma 

Project title - Microfluidic Based Reactions with [18F]Fluoroform: A Toolbox for Next Generation 18F-Radiolabelled Medicinal Chemistry Compounds




Julia Perea Paizal 

Project title - Biomechanical activation of pro-metastatic programs in circulating tumour cells by vasculature constriction forces


What were you doing before you joined the CSC Programme?

Master in Biomedical Engineering: Bionanotechnology & Advanced Biomanufacturing at the University of Twente (The Netherlands)


What inspired you to choose this project?

I selected this project because it merged engineering and biology, the two disciplines I am interested in, ultimately aiming to improve our understanding of cancer metastasis. Specifically, it involved engineering vascular networks using organ-on-a-chip technologies to gain insights into the behavior of circulating tumor cells.


Interesting fact about yourself

Can’t read maps but will always find my way back









Marco Barbone 

Project title - Enabling real-time adaptive radiotherapy by leveraging accelerators to improve the performance of MRI image reconstruction algorithms and dose planning methods







Jehanne Hassan  

Project title - Understanding systems and molecular mechanisms underlying cancer immunotherapy for the development of precision immunotherapy with informed strategies







Nicol Matthews   

Project title - Investigating the roles of the proteasome vs. autophagy, two major protein degradation pathways, in degradation and stabilisation of the proteome of ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma (HGSC)



Clinical research fellows





Ainkaran Santhirasekaram

Katharine Webb

Alvaro Ingles Russo

Nida Pasha

Elizabeth Appleton