Executive Management Committee


The role of the Executive Management Committee is to set strategy, identify milestones and deliverables and have financial responsibility for the Convergence Science Centre. The Training and Research Subcommittees will report into the Executive Management Committee.



Office contact: Dr Arnaud Legrand (Research Manager)

Email: arnaud.legrand@icr.ac.uka.legrand@imperial.ac.uk




Professor Udai Banerji

Co-Chair of the Research Subcommittee, Division of Cancer Therapeutics

The Institute of Cancer Research

Professor Clare Isacke

Co-Chair of the Training Subcommittee, Academic Dean (ICR)

The Institute of Cancer Research

Professor Iain McNeish

Co-Chair of the Training and Clinical Subcommittees, Department of Surgery and Cancer

Imperial College London

Professor Darryl Overby

Co-chair of the Research Subcommittee, Department of Bioengineering

Imperial College London

Professor Nicholas Turner

Co-Chair of the Clinical Training Subcommittee, Division of Breast Cancer Research

The Institute of Cancer Research