Dr Chloe Stockford

Director of Operations

Dr Chloe Stockford

Chloe is Director of Operations for the CRUK Convergence Science Centre, where she is responsible for the overall strategy and operations. A physical chemist by training, she holds a PhD in Quantitative Low Energy Electron Diffraction from the University of Cambridge. Chloe is passionate about the huge impact that can be made by aligning the right capability in Engineering, Physical Sciences and Mathematics to most relevant clinical questions. She has over 10 years of experience managing large multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional programmes across academic, industry and governmental funders many of where she aligned physical and quantitative  sciences with clinical applications.


Prior to CRUK Convergence Science Centre management, she worked with multiple departments at Imperial College London, including the Department of Materials, Mathematics and Surgery & Cancer. Her past experiences include the management a portfolio of research which ranged from technologies to understand mechanisms of biological systems to early detection of cancer, overseeing the MRC UK Regenerative Materials Platform which brings together researchers, clinicians and translational experts to drive materials for regenerative medicine from the lab into the clinic, and the management of the EPSRC Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare which aligned novel mathematical methods to key clinical questions. 




chloe.stockford@imperial.ac.uk (primary)/ chloe.stockford@icr.ac.uk (pending)